Quality, Performance and Predictability

in Agile Software Development!

The Agile Software Development methodology has gained enormous momentum. With the transition towards Scrum Teams, project management seems harder, because there is no detailed planning. However measuring product quality, team performance and improvements, is the key to success. Those responsible and accountable for the successful execution of projects require insight in the quality, planning, progress and the result of adjustments.

QBoard is designed to present Agile Teams and Project Management the insight it requires to execute an Agile project successfully.

We provide standard integration with most Software Development tooling that you already use and the flexibility to answer project specific questions. Because QBoard uses the data from existing Agile Software Development tooling, it requires no additional effort restores project control to management without impeding the Scrum teams.


The example QBoard shows the Project Metrics of four Teams working on a dozen Products. Depending on your project and organization needs, QBoard can differ in Metrics and layout to “get” and “stay” in Control.

QBoard is a product of Mnemonics b.v.

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